What sets MediSwitch Namibia apart from the rest?

Switching (Online, real-time claiming) between Health Professionals and Administrators will be processed DIRECTLY via MediSwitch Namibia in Windhoek.
This means that ALL online real-time claiming transactions between Pharmacies/General Practitioners and Administrators are switched locally and offers the following benefits:

Transaction time will be reduced significantly:

As the Switching transactions will be operated within Namibia, instead of routing it via South Africa, the response time will be much quicker and secure. The Health Professionals will therefore have less frustration on 'time-outs'

Minimal down time:

Much lesser 3rd parties (ISP - Internet Service Providers) will be involved in the switching process. Furthermore, MediSwitch Namibia has invested in a complete back-up system, which 'mirrors' all data processed. Should our system be rendered inoperative at any time, the 'mirror system' will seamlessly continue operations without any affect to our Health Professionals.

Call centre localised with a toll free number:

MediSwitch Namibia will operate with a centralised technical and customer care Support Desk in Windhoek on a toll free number 0800 11 22 33.
This will not only be a cost saving feature for Health Professionals, but the communication and integration between all the parties (Health Professionals, MediSwitch Namibia and Administrators) will improve drastically as all the claim and switching processes are done in Namibia.
MediSwitch Namibia ensures a 24/7 switching service availability:

The real-time interface will be in operation 100% of the time (24/7) and guarantees responses back to Health Professionals within acceptable timeframes. Furthermore, should you need assistance, our Support Desk will be available on a toll free number, a dedicated cell phone or telephone number.

All data (which includes membership- and claims information) do not leave the borders of Namibia:

Up to now, this was a sensitive issue for Medical Aid Schemes. With MediSwitch Namibia, ALL Transactions and Data are kept within Namibia. Furthermore, MediSwitch Namibia’s Intelligent System is developed to be fault tolerant and has a guaranteed build-in security that protects the Administrators’ data form each other. This means that MediSwitch Namibia’s services are available to ALL Administrators/Medical Aid Funds without the fear of accessing the competitors’ data.

MediSwitch Namibia System is compatible with ALL Healthcare Software packages:

'Switch' South Africa carries the benefit of over 13 years of development and research and therefore MediSwitch Namibia API has been integrated into all Retail Pharmacy Software Packages that is being used in SA and Namibia. Furthermore, MediSwitch Namibia is also compliant with ALL Software Packages of General Practitioners, Specialists, Hospitals etc.
Software vendors in Namibia will therefore only need to change the existing switching protocol on your Software Packages to integrate with MediSwitch Namibia. This will be done free of charge to the Health Professional.

Through real-time claiming, customers enjoy improved cash flow, reduced administration costs and reduced risk by means of instantly assess and determine the member’s status and benefit/funds availability
MediSwitch Namibia integrates with your chosen Practice Management Administration Package. We do not prescribe, nor dictate which package you should use, as we ensure the integration.
A unique feature offered by MediSwitch Namibia is to empower customers with full access to their information via our website.
Customers have secure access to their Practice Information via our HP WEBDesk with Login Name and Login Password to ensure that you have hands-on information for a healthy and vital practice. These features include:
Ø    Access to Medical Aid Funds’ Membership Status Validation (MSV)
Ø    Access to benefit/funds availability of members
Ø    Access to your Electronic Remittance Advices (eRA)
Ø    Detailed reports on accepted/rejected transactions
Ø    Notification on pay-runs of Medical Aids Funds
Ø    Rejection codes of Medical Aid Funds
Ø    Exclusions of Medical Aid Funds
Ø    e-News bulletins on Medical Aid Funds’ Rules Changes

MediSwitch Namibia SMS Facilities will keep you informed when the Medical Aid Funds has transferred payments into your bank account. Furthermore, you will be informed continuously on the status of the connectivity and should connectivity be lost in the pipeline, you will be informed immediately.

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