About Us

With switching electronic transmissions between healthcare professionals and medical schemes, MediSwitch Namibia claims first place.

Our business purpose is to drive higher efficiencies in the businesses of funders and healthcare professionals, thereby simplifying:

• Improved cash flow

• Reduced exposure to financial risk

• Reduced administration hassle and expense

• Tools that provide greater financial management control in the healthcare facility

MediSwitch is a seasoned player in the industry with a wealth of experience in electronic transaction switching.

We are the largest ‘electronic claims delivery’ company in Namibia, with an active customer base of practices in Namibia - receiving over 15 000 online claims per day.

Electronic transacting between Health Professionals and Administrators will be processed DIRECTLY via MediSwitch Namibia in Windhoek.
Furthermore, MediSwitch Namibia's Intelligent System is developed to be fault tolerant and has guaranteed built-in security measures that protects the Administrators' data from each other.

This means that MediSwitch Namibia's services are available to ALL Administrators / Medical Aid Funds without the fear of accessing competitor's data. Our claims processing solutions utilize a secure electronic messaging system (SEMS) compatible with nearly all connection - from 3G to Diginet.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be the first-choice provider of transaction flows within the healthcare industry in Namibia.

Our Values

"Will do" attitude:
Every customer is the most important customer. No request is too difficult, too small, or too large.

Our intentions are transparent and sincere. We compete with a vengeance but we play fair.